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Buy Latisse today! As the only FDA-approved treatment for remarkable eyelash enhancement, Latisse can provide you with thicker lashes, adding a more defined and opulent touch to your look. This growth serum safely and effectively fosters lash growth, offering more than just a temporary solution.

Whether you are dealing with hypotrichosis (sparse hair growth on the scalp) or simply wish to boost your eyelash growth for that captivating effect of darker lashes, Latisse is an ideal choice.

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How Does Latisse Work?

Latisse works by extending the growth cycle of your eyelashes. It particularly prolongs the active growth phase, known as the anagen phase, and stimulates hair growth. Hence, while Latisse seems miraculous, it’s essentially the result of effective chemistry in action!

Why should I buy Latisse over other brands?

While there are various eyelash growth serums available, it’s crucial to note that Latisse, also known as bimatoprost ophthalmic solution, stands out as the sole FDA-approved treatment specifically for enhancing eyelash growth.

Additionally, Latisse is designed with user convenience, safety, and impressive outcomes in mind. It is available in both 3ml and 5ml sizes, each accompanied by sterile applicators to minimize the risk of side effects.

Latisse Before and After

How Long Does Latisse Take To Work?

We often desire fast outcomes, particularly following a medical treatment. Latisse stands out as one of the few prescription items that deliver such swift results.

So, when can you expect to see these results? Usually, users start noticing their lashes becoming darker within four weeks of using Latisse. The full effect is typically apparent after about 16 weeks.*

Latisse works on both phases of your eyelashes’ growth cycle.

Phase One involves an increase in eyelash length, while Phase Two sees a rise in the number of eyelash hairs. Regular daily use will encourage the growth of eyelashes, leading to fuller lashes and a darker, more luxurious appearance!

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How To Get A Latisse Prescription

Obtaining a Latisse prescription can be as easy as scheduling a free consultation!

1. Schedule a free consultation with CaptivatingU

2. During your consultation discuss your interest in obtaining longer, fuller eyelashes and ask about the Latisse treatment option

3. We will review your medical history to ensure the treatment is safe for you

4. Purchase Latisse eyelash serum if the treatment is right for you

Your safety is our priority and our specialized medical provider is here to listen to your medical history and provide all the options at your disposal. 

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Latisse Serum Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Latisse and how does it work? Latisse is a prescription eyelash growth serum containing bimatoprost. It works by extending the growth phase of eyelashes, leading to longer, thicker, and darker lashes.
  2. Who can use Latisse? Latisse is suitable for adults looking to enhance their eyelash growth. It is important to consult with a healthcare provider to ensure it’s safe for you, especially if you have certain eye conditions or are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  3. How do you apply Latisse? Latisse should be applied once daily to the base of the upper eyelashes using the sterile applicators provided. It should not be applied to the lower eyelid or directly into the eye.
  4. How long does it take to see results with Latisse? Typically, users start noticing darker lashes within four weeks, with the full effect becoming apparent after about 16 weeks of consistent use.
  5. Are there any side effects of using Latisse? Some users may experience side effects like eye itching, redness, or dryness. Rarely, Latisse can cause darkening of the eyelid skin or increased brown pigmentation of the colored part of the eye.
  6. What happens if I stop using Latisse? If you stop using Latisse, your eyelashes will gradually return to their original appearance prior to treatment. This process can take several weeks to months.

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