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Med Spa Semaglutide Cost in Cincinnati

    How much does semaglutide cost in Cincinnati? Your initial consultation is free to ensure you’re a good candidate for semaglutide weight loss injections. Obviously cost is important so we wanted to be upfront with our costs. 

    Listen, medical weight loss and semaglutide’s are great but they do require monitoring. Our provider will call or meet with you every month to ensure this is the right weight loss approach for you. A few patients have had side effects, not many, but because we do monthly monitoring we were able to help them come up with a solution. There should not be a company out there that does not require monthly meetings. We can do these meetings over the phone or in person. 

    Semaglutide is given once a week by injection under the skin. Your injection dosage, which determines how long a vial lasts, is determined by the provider and a plan will be set for you during your consultation. 

    • First Month: $99
    • First Vial: $397 2.0mL (Will Last 7-10 Weeks)
    • 4.5 mL Vial: $500 (Most cost-effective vial)

    Your fee includes monthly check-in visits for you to meet with your provider to discuss how you are feeling, your appetite, your goals, and discuss dosage. You can call the spa anytime with questions. Our affordable semaglutide weight loss program can help you shed pounds and keep them off – call today!

    Our Med Spa Semaglutide Weight Loss Program | Cincinnati

    Let’s break down how our semaglutide weight loss program operates!

    Upon joining our semaglutide weight loss program, there’s an initial fee of $99. This cost includes your first consultation, any processing fees, and an evaluation by a board-certified Nurse Practitioner, who will then prescribe the appropriate medical weight loss medication for you.

    Once the prescription for semaglutide is made by our Nurse Practitioner, expect the medication to be delivered to you within one to two weeks from the ordering date. Given that semaglutide is a controlled medication, we adhere strictly to regulatory guidelines. Your prescription will be refilled following monthly consultations to ensure your ongoing safety.

    Note: We have had one patient with side effects and it was because of the monthly check up we caught it and remediated it before any negative effects occurred. 

    We believe in transparency about our program’s workings to build your trust. We’re recognized as a leading provider of semaglutide medical weight loss solutions in the Cincinnati region.

    Semaglutide Eligibilty

    The FDA’s body mass index (BMI) guidelines determine eligibility for our program. Those not within these specified ranges might not qualify. When unsure, don’t hesitate to contact us!

    Eligibility range: a body mass index (BMI) of ≥30 kg/m^2, or a BMI of ≥27 and <30 kg/m^2 if accompanied by at least one weight-related health issue. In simpler terms, your BMI must exceed 30, or you must have a BMI over 27 with a weight-related health condition to qualify.

    Considering semaglutide’s potent nature and potential side effects, any credible provider of this medication, including us, mandates an initial consultation and regular monthly check-ups to ensure your health and safety throughout the program.

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    Semaglutide near me

    What Is Semaglutide and Why Does It Help With Weight Loss?

    Semaglutide, or also known as Ozempic, has been making waves in the healthcare sector, but its recent rise in popularity mainly revolves around its potential for weight loss. Initially intended to treat Type 2 diabetes, it has proven itself as a game-changer in weight loss and has created the term “medical weight loss”. 

    Semaglutide promotes weight loss by targeting the central nervous system, particularly the brain areas that control appetite and food intake. It mimics the action of GLP-1, which sends a “full” signal to the brain, reducing hunger and leading to a decrease in calorie consumption.

    Numerous clinical trials have supported semaglutide’s efficacy in weight loss. According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, participants who took semaglutide lost an average of 15% of their body weight over a period of 68 weeks.

    Semaglutide near me
    semaglutide near me weight loss

    Our Semaglutide Program vs Other Weight Loss Options

      You’re Not Alone!

      Everyone misses that metabolism we had when we were kids. Was it the metabolism or all that free time? Frankly, the older we get it just seems like the less time we have for ourselves. This is where our semaglutide program comes in to maximize your time and efforts related to weight loss.

      Dietary Changes

      The age-old method of eating less and eating right still stands. However, it may not provide results as quickly as semaglutide. Paired together, you can shed pounds while creating healthy habits. 

      Physical Exercise

      Exercise has multiple health benefits but requires dedication and time, which might not be feasible for everyone. We certainly encourage exercise but medical weight loss with semaglutides can help jumpstart the workout program!

      Surgical Options

      Procedures like gastric bypass surgery offer rapid weight loss but come with their own set of complications and risks. Before you resort to this, consider non-surgical semaglutide weight loss programs. 

      Doctor’s Opinion

      Physicians generally view semaglutide as a promising option, especially for those who have struggled with other weight loss methods. If you’re interested our med spa with semaglutide programs is here for you with 100% free consultaiton!

      How Does Semaglutide Work?

      We are often asked, “How does semaglutide work?” Semaglutide works by mimicking a hormone in your body that plays a role in appetite regulation. When introduced into your system, Semaglutide interacts with specific receptors in the brain that control hunger signals. This interaction leads to a feeling of fullness, ultimately reducing the desire to eat and leading to a decrease in overall calorie intake.

      Schedule A Free Consultation

      We are happy to answer any of your questions. Call or schedule your free semaglutide weight loss consultation online. 

      Semaglutide FAQ’s

      Is semaglutide approved by the FDA?

      • Yes, semaglutide is approved by the FDA for diabetes and weight loss. 

      How quickly can I expect to see results?

      • Results may vary, but most clinical trials show significant weight loss within 12–16 weeks.

      Does insurance cover semaglutide for weight loss?

      • Insurance coverage for semaglutide varies. Contact your insurance provider for details.

      Do I need to diet and exercise while taking semaglutide?

      • For maximum benefits, a balanced diet and regular exercise are recommended.

      Are there any alternatives to semaglutide for weight loss?

      • Yes, other GLP-1 agonists and various weight loss medications are available, but consult your provider for the best option for you.

      Can I stop taking semaglutide once I achieve my weight loss goal?

      • Consult your provider before making any changes to your medication to ensure your goals are met.

      Read 6 Tips To Find Ozempic Near You for additional information. 

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